Thursday, January 27, 2005

In the Beginning

I sat with my good friend after lunch and we talked about our lives, our children, and our grandchildren which eventually led us to the subject of blogs. Jokingly, we talked about setting up a blog for 'displaced mothers.' Later in the day, she emailed me with a link to ...

After thinking more about it, I decided that we are more than displaced mothers. We are women, friends, Sisters, Red Hatters laughing at age. We buy houses. We transition. We lend a listening ear and counsel if requested (and sometimes if not requested). We spend hours online researching, reading, communicating. We telephone. We sometimes write letters. We sympathize, and we empathize. We travel. We tour. We stay home. We socialize. We work. We design. We make art. We are native Texans. We carry forth that saucy spirit of Texas women.

... and that, my dear friends, is how this blog began.