Thursday, May 12, 2005

Girls Night Out!

We giggled. We laughed. We shared tales of our lives. We dreamed of travel. We spoke of art and a number of other things unmentionable here. I hadn’t expected to enjoy myself so much as I did.

We met at Macaroni Grill to celebrate Miss Betty’s birthday. Lordy, Lordy ... she’s over 40. The four of us -- sisters by choice -- coming from different walks in life but with a common thread. Two of us are widowed, two are married. All four of us are career-women and know the stress and frustration of fast schedules and more to do than any sane person would ever consider doing... buy hey! who said any one of us is sane?

Happy Birthday again, Betty!

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  1. The only measure of success for an evening like that is whether everyone had a fun, relaxing evening in the company of Special Friends. Therefore, I proclaim Wednesday Night a Success!

    Now you know our little secret. It's not always easy for women to get along as well as we do. There can be pettiness, hurt feelings, jealousy...
    But every so often, 4 women, as different as night & day, can come together with no other agenda except to wish only the best for each other. What a blessing from God!


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