Wednesday, June 1, 2005

On This Day: June 1

Today was Norma Jean's birthday. The article at the New York Times reveals parts of her history I had not known, i.e. that she was born illegitimately and suffered child neglect. You may be able to read the NYT article without signing in; nonetheless it's an easy process to sign in to read it. Click on the blog title above to get there.

A few months ago, I painted a watercolor portrait study that seems appropriate to post as a birthday remembrance.
study of Marilyn
Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

This painting is only a study and is done solely for my personal use. It is not for sale and will not be repeated or published. I show it here only as an example of my watercolor portrait artwork.
This also happens to be the date of Helen Keller's death. The NY Times article on Helen Keller can be found at: Helen Keller, 87, Dies
The two women share this date. One started and the other ended on June 1. It's really sort of odd, but in a way Marilyn and Helen have another common bond. Both of these women became public names. Different means to different ends, but they each had a strong resolve. Marilyn would fall by the wayside and die young at 36. Helen beat all the odds and lived to be 87.