Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Tonight I was eating a bowl of spaghetti from Fazoli’s. The huge bowl of vermicelli and meat sauce made me think of how we used to eat when I was a child. My mother could have fed our whole family of five on that one bowl of spaghetti. It’s really amazing how wasteful we as people have become. My parents, who were greatly influenced by The Great Depression, taught us to save and recycle and reuse. It was a different world then than today.

Evening thoughts trickle through my head, but I find it hard to write them down with the noise of a television in the background. Early morning thoughts are much easier to journal. At the end of a day, my body and mind are tired. At the end of a long work week of 12-14 hour days that extended through the weekend, my mind is exhausted. Perhaps that is why the evening thoughts don’t organize themselves.