Saturday, July 30, 2005

Sunflower Study Two

After participating in a Janie Gildow workshop on colored pencil over watercolor, I revisited the sunflower study. Why not? I wasn't happy with the watercolor painting anyway. Why not just practice a bit with the colored pencil techniques learned in the Gildow workshop?
Sunflower Demo 2
Sunflower Study with colored pencil, work-in-process
This is the beginning of that experiment, and I could see the difference immediately. Definitely, the colored pencil I added over the watercolor really popped the petals and center button with brighter, more vibrant color. I worked colored pencil into the upper sunflower, and I shaded the pear with graphite. I brought a bit of green and ebony down into the upper jar. I added color to the bowl beyond and started to define the tablecloth with shadows and highlights. I decided to continue with the sunflower study. I will do this painting for myself hanging this one on my own wall. Then I'll apply what I've learned to an original composition with a different subject. Applying a base of watercolor before adding colored pencil considerably speeds up the colored pencil process.

My first attempt at the sunflowers with only watercolor can be seen two posts below.


  1. have u ever tried to explore the outside parts of the elements? your use of color, light and context is wonderfull... but I just wanna see what u can experiement with some descomposition
    u are really good

  2. Thanks! Your words are much appreciated. I will take your challenge and mull this over in my mind for awhile to see what I can come up with. Watch for some posting in the future of a decomposed painting.


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