Thursday, July 7, 2005

Zainy Cats

"CatZilla" - a ZainyCat by Zain Ozz __ I am helping my 7 yr. old (soon to be 8 yr. old on August 4) grandson Zain with a summer project. He loves cats with a passion, and when he saw my site, he wanted to know if he could draw cats and have his own web site. So that is what we did. We have set Zain up his own site at -- and he has come up with ideas for 33 different cat images. Of course they are not all online yet as "MeMe V" is the one who uploads the images, and it does take some time.

Zain is excited about earning some "summer spending money" and asked me if I thought he might earn $1,000 and if he did he would save it. I answered that he would have to sell a lot of t-shirts and products at $2 profit per product, but that he might earn enough for some summer fun.

Please visit the ZainyCats site and bookmark it for future updates as we will be adding products with new images throughout the summer. Zain will be very excited and most thankful if somebody actually buys a few of his ZainyCats products.

Thank you for looking ...