Monday, July 3, 2006

Rain Falls

As I awake this morning, I am reminded that rain falls in each life with some lightening, some thunder, but after each rainstorm comes the sunshine and sometimes a rainbow. Again comes the reminder that nothing ever lasts forever.

Today I will have lunch with my daughter and then finish the "Back to School" painting for the Art Helping Animals calendar. Tonight I visit with my son.

My oil painting style becomes more alla prima, more impasto, more impressionist. I begin to understand Monet's aging eyesight. Promised paintings of the children dance in my mind--Caitlin, Eric and Brooke. Soon. There are many visions to be painted. Visions from my past, part photo reference, part memory. Shannon, Sean, Mom and Dad. The farm. A Cherokee Indian chief. Travels to France and Italy. The Southwest. Florida. Old New Orleans before Katrina. East Texas. There is much to paint in this lifetime.

I did not attend the Descendants of Fred Bridges reunion on Saturday. As a cousin and descendant of his brother Peter, I was invited, but it was a rare weekend at home for me since December 29. I rested. I tried not to look around. There is much to do here. A house doesn't maintain or keep itself. Dust and clutter beg removal. Reclaiming my home has been slow while I concentrate on producing an income, but it will eventually happen.

The morning rains have stopped. Birds now sing their songs of joy to welcome the day. I will enjoy the birdsong, the freshly washed grass and garden, the reprieve in the drought, and the rainbow following the storm. I am learning to live in this day.