Friday, September 22, 2006

Sweet William

Sweet William is content just watching the world go by. He doesn't sweat the small stuff and gets along with everyone.

It isn't often you find an animal so good-natured that his name is Sweet William. This tan, white, and black Beagle is very laid back and happy just to hang out with you on the porch watching the world go by. Unlike many Beagles who like to bay at the moon, Sweet William is a quiet boy. He’s willing to get along with everyone, including other dogs, and even cats. Incredibly, this loving animal was found lost on the side of a busy road. He’s currently living at a TBAR foster home but very much wants to find a forever home with a good family. If you are looking for a really special buddy and companion, this friendly boy could be the one. He is already neutered and has his shots, and is ready to go home with you. [quoted from the web site of
Border collie Brooke is looking for a new home. Her people are moving, and they can't take Brooke along. Brooke is almost 6 years old--old enough to have left her puppy ways behind but young enough to make a loving pet. If Brooke doesn't find a new home soon, she'll be out in the cold (literally), because True Blue Animal Rescue capacity is full until another lucky dog finds a forever after home.
TBAR (True Blue Animal Rescue) works diligently at finding forever homes for all their foster pets. Watch the TBAR Event Calendar for news of upcoming events including, but not limited to, TBAR Pet Adoption Days in College Station and the TBAR 3rd Annual "Steel Horses Benefit Real Horses" event in Carlos. View scrapbook pictures taken during TBAR's most deserving "Extreme Makeover" by the popular TV program and the "2006 Spring Fling" in Brenham. Events are held in Texas.