Thursday, December 28, 2006

Postage Stamps are on Sale!

Several people have asked me where I got the postage stamp I used on my Christmas cards, so I'm providing a link for those who want to use it. The GOOD NEWS is that THIS WEEK ONLY the postage stamps are on sale for $7.80 a sheet if we spend $10 on another product ordered at the same time. That means they will cost us only the postage value rather than the normal higher value of the fine art stamp. I have just ordered more of them for myself as they are really pretty stamps. Even my dad was impressed with them.

All royalties on the sale of the Border Collie "Prevent Heartworms" postage stamp will be donated to True Blue Animal Rescue in central Texas. They are the ones who saved Border Collie Brooke (painting on the stamp) and the ones who save so many other animals from abuse and neglect. Visit their web site at

In order to get the sale on the postage stamps, I needed to order $10 worth of other merchandise first. Wouldn't you know I just ordered one each of all new TXsauce products right before Christmas. There was nothing left to do except design another new product so I had something different to order. I decided I wanted a Grapeland cap and I had the perfect artwork for it ... the grapes. The cap isn't for everybody, so if it isn't for you, go to* to see other products. If you don't find what you want at the TXsauce Studio Shoppe, visit* for additional products featuring and helping homeless animals. If you still don't find what you like, look around other shops at I've found some really well designed products there and the quality is good.

Cap promoting Grapeland, Texas

Cap promoting Grapeland, Texas

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Border Collie Brooke goes back to the vet for her final check today or tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that all the heartworms are gone. Thanks again to all of you who have supported Brooke in her journey to recovery.