Saturday, March 31, 2007

Maine Coon Cattitude

Zarr has about the most attitude of any cat I've ever met. He's not your typical friendly Maine Coon. Born the runt of the litter, he is a natural scaredy-cat. To compensate for his timidity, Zarr spits fire at any new person, animal or thing that comes near him and runs to hide under the sofa or in an open drawer. Regal in repose, he observes and studies the unfamiliar for days, sometimes weeks, until he feels comfortable. With the right coaxing, the monarch will finally grant you a touch, a light stroke of his head and back. Then he bounds to the window sill or the top of the sofa where again he watchfully guards his world.

pastel and watercolor
14"x12" Arches 140# cp paper
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2007

(a special thanks to my grandson Zain for his contribution to the background)

Click here to view demo stages of this painting.


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  1. Zarr sounds (and looks) like a real character cat! I really like this painting Vernita... and it was interesting to follow the work in progress. The thing that first struck me about this was the background...(very Mary Whyte!) and then to my amazement read where the background was already in place compliments of your grandson! That's really special! Great work! :-)

  2. To be mentioned in a paragraph with Mary Whyte is an honor indeed. For those of you not familiar with Mary Whyte's work, take a look at this web page showing some of her paintings. Mary Whyte at Coleman Gallery

  3. I met her briefly and she's a gorgeous person too Nita. No wonder she does such beautiful work! :-)


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