Friday, April 27, 2007

What Brings Me Joy!

Seeing the smile on my 91 year old father's face on a post-surgery drive through the cow pasture brought me as much joy as seeing the cows brought joy to him. As we slowly drove along the fence row, he reached through the open window to beckon a few of his "pet" calves.


  1. I feel like I know your Dad just by seeing his hand! LOL What a joy it must have been to drive along that fenceline...

    Nita... I got some cattle pics today when we were out in the country looking at gardens. It looks a bit different to Texas but when I saw the cattle milling there I thought of you. Will email to you when I download them.

    Great pic! :-)

  2. Jean, please do email the cattle pics to me. I would love to see Australian cattle.


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