Friday, May 4, 2007

10,000 Pieces of Art / Dachshund Sweetie ~ SOLD

According to an article in The Artist's Magazine, Andrew Wyeth has painted more than 10,000 paintings in his lifetime, about half of them studies. Today at age 90 years old, he begins each day painting in his art studio.

Dachshund Sweetie
original pastel
9"x12" Canson Mi Tientes pastel paper
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2007
certificate of authenticity included

offered at
+ shipping charges

TXSauce Studio Art

of sale will be donated to
DARE • Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education
headquartered in Florida


I started wondering if it would be possible for me to paint 10,000 paintings in my remaining lifetime. My trusty calculator tells me if I paint one painting a day for the next 28 years, I will have painted 10,220 paintings. I would be 88 years old at the end of those 28 years. By the end of 10,000 paintings, a person should be a really good artist.

I wonder if it's possible. I decided to give myself a couple of extra years and aim for 10,000 by the time I'm 90 years old. It's a worthwhile goal. Some of them may be architectural renderings or sketches, but I will strive to complete some kind of artwork every day for the next 30 years.