Saturday, September 8, 2007

Change, Transition, Transformation?

Change is the one constant feature of human life, and from time to time, redecorating just isn't enough. We make transitions that uproot the foundations of our lives, and we go directly into the journey of change. --Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star

My mind revisits my architecture studio days, and I am thinking a transformation project is in the making.

1. How to go about correcting the damage done by the dog--do I crop this one to a square format and continue painting? This totally changes the focus of the painting, and if I do this I'll need to develop the cows into the focal point and leave the trees as the ghosted image.

2. Crop my grandson's painting and use it for a background or frame it as an individual piece of child's art? These chewed paintings were all on 13"x15" Arches watercolor paper. "Chewed" is on the left, and my cropped versions are on the right.

3. The longhorn body wasn't hurt. Yoshi-dog almost got to the left horn, but thankfully didn't. This one can be saved, maybe used as is and framed in a floating frame with the rough edges. Or I could crop out the chewed corners as on the right, mat and frame. Would I be better to leave the tattered corners on this one? Maybe they add to the ambiance of the Texas Longhorn.

4. This last one of the corn field must have been the first one (or his favorite) of them all. This one is torn the most. I see no alternative other than using it in a collage of sorts, and I have an idea brewing in my mind.

I'll surprise you one day when it is done.

(In every dramatic life transformation) the person in question experienced alienation, confusion, frustration, and a thousand other forms of acute distress.... Change is always difficult. --Martha Beck, Finding Your Own North Star

The quotes above seem to fit the situation. I realize, of course, that "dramatic life transformation" is much more serious than a dog eating the corner off a few watercolor sketches. Now, if they had been finished paintings, that would have been a different story altogether. [wink]