Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Another New Day!

I have been up since shortly after 5:00 am, checked email and said goodbye to grandson as he set off for school. This is my week for setting up a new structure for my days. The old one hasn't been working. Change can be good, but can alter one's focus. My daily artworks will vary and may alternate between sketches and paintings. An artist needs time to contemplate and plan the larger paintings. I also have scheduled time for other work.

Sunday afternoon I began the composition drawing for a painting I've yearned to start for over a year now. Actually, there are two or three or four of them. These are the paintings of the young children in the family. My grandsons, great nieces and great nephew. Oooh ... "great niece" makes me sound so old! I've started composing the great niece painting, and I will show you this painting as it progresses.

In the meantime, I also have two others going. One is a commissioned work of Jenny (Dachshund in hat) and the other is the painting for my dad's birthday gift which is almost but not quite finished.

Spring is in the air here in Texas, and it's another new day -- a beautiful day!

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