Monday, June 2, 2008

Dogwood Blossoms

This is my original oil painting of a Trinity of Dogwood Blossoms. They bloom in East Texas every Springtime. It seems no matter when Easter falls, early or late, the Dogwood knows exactly when to flower. The images below are low resolution with my watermark on them for purposes of web publication. The original painting is much more detailed and does not have the printed text, only my signature in the lower left corner. This is the final overall image and an enlarged detail showing the crown of thorns. I painted this from one of my reference photos taken last Easter at the farm.

© 2008 Vernita Bridges-Hoyt

Three Dogwood Blossoms
representing Father, Son & Holy Ghost8"x10" oil on canvas

enlarged detail above

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"In painting a flower aim for its strength.
Strength in delicacy."
--Robert Henri

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