Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Aftermath: Day 5

Although electric power has been restored in some areas, my community is still without power. It is a heavily forested community and many large trees were blown down by Ike's winds, many of them on power lines or poles and many of them on houses. It is amazing to see some houses unscathed by the fallen trees as though a hand guided their fall gently down to rest between houses instead of upon them. That, of course, is not always the case. 

We, fortunately, did not lose water or gas utility. We've been able to take warm showers, and that is a Godsend in itself.

People have come together to form a real community reaching out to help one another. With no electricity, no TV, no computer power and no A/C, neighbors are outside in the cooler air and lower dew point that arrived two days after Ike's departure. Sleeping had been difficult on Saturday and Sunday nights in the typical sweltering Houston humidity. The days now are quite pleasant. Last night we even had to close all the windows in the 62 degree early morning temps.

The art studio was not damaged aside from the power lines being pulled away from the building after a tree fell over the power pole at the end of the block. All paintings were exactly in their places as left. Not a one had even shifted on the wall. Another blessing to count.

I'm not usually at such a loss for words, but I find it difficult to write my feelings even in my personal journal. I am shocked by the devastation in Galveston and Port Bolivar and around the Bay. Neighborhoods have been wiped off the earth. I feel sadness and a compassionate grief at the loss so many people have experienced. With that in mind, my community's lack of electrical power is nothing in comparison. I will see it as an adventure and an opportunity for change. In a way it is a respite from the everyday demands of technology.

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