Friday, September 26, 2008


Headline: FEMA dumps several 18-wheeler truck loads of ice and declares the ice is not needed since it hasn't been picked up by anyone. 

Duh... There are homes and businesses all over the hurricane recovery area still without electrical power. Does someone have to spell it out to FEMA that without electricity those people have no way of making ice or refrigerating what food they can get? Two days ago, the day that FEMA dumped the ice, Walmart on FM 1960 did not have frozen foods. Walmart was only one out of many. Why couldn't FEMA take their truck full of ice and deliver it to one of the supermarkets or one of the neighborhoods or the parking lot of a major intersection near a shopping strip where people could see them. Why not deliver the ice to south Houston or Galveston communities that are so in need of services. To just dump it was crazy.

The closest FEMA point to us, I found out yesterday, is Tomball to the northwest of us. How did a person find gasoline to drive 15-20 miles to the FEMA point in Tomball during the most critical times after the storm. How did one even know where the FEMA point was when there was no electricity to power the television/radio announcements. 

Washington Post only national news story to be found

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