Monday, September 22, 2008

Electricity! Day 10

Nine days after Hurricane Ike without electricity felt like ninety. My electricity was restored at about 6:30 pm last evening. Yippee! Now I can get on with the rest of the clean up. All the limbs and leaves have been raked and bagged or piled by the curb. I did not have the damage that some of my neighbors had ... for instance, this tree on a house.
[Click on images to enlarge detail.]

... and this tree blocking Cypresswood Drive. 

There were many trees blocking streets.

The sewers were overflowing with water bubbling up through manholes.

And the typically dry drainage ditch (deep) leading to Cypress Creek was filled and overflowing it's banks. This bridge is on the street behind my house. We are higher and did not experience this flooding. Click to enlarge this image and you will see a house behind the trees on the right.

These are only a few images of what was to be found everywhere within the community.

I tried painting last night and today, but the muse is not back with me yet. I will continue coaxing her. Eventually she will show up.

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