Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Muse Teases! Day 12

In the midst of chaos, the Muse appeared with this bunny rabbit hunkered down behind a tree. It's sort of how I felt while waiting for the winds to pass. My technique on this one is different. The background is awash with a turmoil of watercolor pencil blends. I've brought the bunny forward with a squiggle of ink lines. This small postcard painting is offered through my eBay store. Click here to visit.

The following image is the house of my neighbor across the street who lost two large trees, each falling not so gently but each missing their house. The one below cracked down the middle and looked like it fell directly on their car but only caused a few scratches. You can enlarge this photo by clicking on it. The tree on the opposite side of their home fell directly to the south landing between houses. They were luckier than some.

This is the same house about four days later after the trees had been removed and debris piled along the curb. You can see how much area the tree branches cover. They fill up one whole side of the lot.

By comparison, my property was really fortunate in only having a few branches and leaves down, and I think they blew into the yard rather than falling from any trees on my property. After clean up, we only have a small pile of limbs out on the front corner.

My eyes have been glued to the TV since regaining electrical power in the house, and my heart goes out to all those people who have lost so much, even lives, in the Galveston County area and in South Houston and Baytown. Approximately 500,000 are still without power in storm recovery areas including many houses still without in my immediate community. When I rode my bicycle around the neighborhood today, I saw many windows open and heard many generators still running in houses without power still.

Thanks to all of you who have written with your concerns during Hurricane Ike. Recovering from a weather related disaster is more complicated than it might appear from a distance. In addition to the losses so many people have incurred (lives, homes and business property), there are animals (domestic, livestock, and wildlife) who have lost lives and homes, large numbers of livestock roaming free in the coast communities and at least 4,000 cattle drowned. 

My postcard painting series will continue as the muse returns, and they will all be available in the eBay store. I have lowered my percentage given AHA approved charities to 10% so I can also give a portion of sales to local charities during this recovery period.

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