Monday, September 29, 2008

TRACKING IKE, a stormy seascape

© 2008 Vernita Bridges-Hoyt
Self-explanatory, this piece was inspired by the recent Hurricane Ike as it surged into Galveston, Texas. The 61st Street Fishing Pier and many other buildings would be swept away by the force of the raging sea. I have used mixed media of watercolor, acrylic and ink on this one. The postcard features rounded corners and an address block on the back side. However, I recommend inserting it into an envelope before mailing to keep it dry and undamaged during transit. Better still, just frame this one and add it to your postcard art collection. More to come.

"Tracking Ike"
© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt
6"x4" mixed media on paper
unframed postcard painting
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A few comments received on this piece:
1. This is a powerful piece. The water is churning and the structure is ghostly. Out of this disaster you are producing some wonderful art. --DM

2. This painting is full of power - absolutely. You really made something special out of Ike. --DJ

3. You have really captured the rage of the hurricane. You feel if you keep looking at it the rest of the Pier will disintegrate before your eyes. --VH

4. I agree with the comments about the power of this piece. It is raw power. I love that the color is associated with the storm's ferocity and that the ink just shows the barest elements of the pier. It really is as if the structure is ghostly! You definitely capture the feelings of watching bits and pieces of the town being picked apart and washing away. --DC

5. Yes...ghostly is a great description! The pier looks like it has given up its life in the storm. And those turbulent waters are gnawing away at what little life is left. It's truly a disturbing and powerful piece! --MJ

6. You really captured the angry sea. I can see the water moving. --ES

7. This shows the surrounding engulfing sea with all God's power as a major force not to be taken lightly. What a message this one has! --KS