Friday, November 18, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Christmas Gift Art

Big Bad Wolf • original pastel art • 12x16 inches framed
Christmas Gift Art!

Big Bad Wolf, pastel art © V. Bridges Hoyt
Framed to 16x12 inches, Ready to Hang
Black metal gallery type frame includes plexiglas to protect pastel work
Media: pastel on Canson Mi Tientes
Price: $110 USD

to view the framed painting.

Charity Benefit for Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in the high desert country of Candy Kitchen, New Mexico. WSWS provides sanctuary for wolves who have lived in a domestic situation and been abandoned. Wild animals are not domestic pets.

Story behind the Painting:
There comes a time in the life of a woman when she identifies no longer with Little Red Riding Hood but more with the little girl's aging grandmother.  The fairy tale was about warnings to be careful as a little girl walked through the woods alone. However, if too careful the little girl could become the old grandmother sick in bed never having tasted even a portion of the fruits of life. Along comes the wolf, the villain in this fable. In theory, perhaps the grandmother did not recognize the wolf as personification of life unexperienced and is overcome by the sheer volume of lost opportunities, so she runs to hide in the closet much as an ostrich would hide its head in the sand or is swallowed up by 'unexperienced life' aka the wolf.  My imagination runs wild this morning. In any case, my painting of the Big Bad Wolf is not really so scary.