Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beagle Butterfly Sunflower "THE MUTTERFLY"

© 2008 Vernita Bridges-Hoyt
"The Mutterfly"
© Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2008
6"x4" watercolor, acrylic & ink
unframed postcard painting

original painting is in
Artist's Collection

The postcard has rounded corners and an address block on the back side; however, I suggest inserting into an envelope before mailing to keep it dry in transit. Although I use the finest watercolor paints and a permanent ink, the painting could become damaged if mailed unprotected. Watch for more in this series of whimsical and lighthearted postcard paintings.

10% of your purchase will be donated to
Beagles of New England States

This painting is a part of the September AHAA Challenge to complete one artwork for each of the 14 Art Helping Animals official supported charities. I will have finished this challenge in only two weeks time due to the mid-September interruption of Hurricane Ike. That's how this postcard series was born. 

Thanks for your support of homeless pets.
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