Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chickens and Spots

ART.  Just off the easel is this little spotted dog that I've wanted to paint for some time now. Reference for this painting was a photo I snapped of a homeless pup rescued by VAP.  This little pup was adopted quickly but "Volunteers--Animal Protection" (Kingwood, Texas) have other pets in need of help. Please check out their web site. The original photo was taken indoors, but I wanted this pup to be a part of my Signs of Spring series, so after sketching the dog's pose with paintbrush in alizarin crimson oil paint, I changed the background to a distant landscape and hung an azalea blossom around her neck. This painting is a 5"x7" oil on canvas panel and will be available on Saturday, March 21 for purchase. You can reserve this piece by sending me an email:

It's convenient to be home again painting in the new/old upstairs studio, but it is a smaller space, and I need to clear some inventory so I've listed a few of last year's paintings for SALE on eBay. Click on VernitaTXart here or at the bottom of this post. You'll find sale prices up to 75% off on some pieces. More to come.

New work in progress includes a palette knife painting of some East Texas chickens that lay the best darned eggs I've ever tasted. Thanks to my friend Mollie Jones for the inspiration and the fresh eggs.

LIFE.  My mom had a chicken yard when we lived in the little house over on Rock Hill Road. I remember fresh eggs and fresh fried chicken. I remember her wringing their necks for a quick kill. I was always such a tender-hearted child, I felt compassion even for the chickens we were going to eat. Such was farm life. I'll never forget seeing her run out of the chicken house one day with a huge chicken snake chasing behind her. She was terrified of snakes. I don't remember the chickens being around long after that.

A recent visit with grandsons brought joy to my life. My son's 11 year old rode over to Austin with me to visit my daughter and the 7 year old during the early part of Spring Break week. As we packed and hurriedly left Houston, an hour behind schedule already, I commented that I hadn't even had time to put on any makeup. The 11 year old remarked, "You don't need it. When you wear makeup, you look like you're going out on an old geezer date." I may never use cosmetics again. Out of the mouths of children....

Today's Blessing: The sun is shining. It feels like Eastertime. It seems early, but wildflowers are blooming throughout Texas, and they are beautiful to behold.

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