Thursday, April 23, 2009

Passion for Painting Award

Recognition from one's peers is one of the greatest compliments ever, and I have been recognized by friend and artist Doris Joa of Germany with the "Passion for Painting Award." Thank you, Doris!  I have known Doris for six or seven years now. Doris paints the most beautiful, realistic roses ever, but she doesn't stop with roses. She continues to develop her figurative skills in oil and watercolor. Check out her blog to see images of her beautiful artworks. You'll find a link to Doris's "Romantic Roses" blog in the sidebar here.

For receiving this award I am asked to list seven things I love and then to pass the award on to seven other deserving artists. 

Seven things I love (aside from painting, of course):
1. My family
2. Border Collie Brooke and Gimp the Tabby cat
3. Dolls, especially Madame Alexander 8" dolls
4. The Texas countryside covered with brushstrokes of Texas Bluebonnets and other red and yellow wildflowers
5. Designing houses, web pages, ceramic mugs, and greeting cards
6. Cardinals, Bluebirds and Mockingbirds
7. Cherry Pie, Purple Grapes, and Oranges

And now, A Passion for Painting award goes to:

Jean Burman
Della Burgus
Diane Morgan

I will let them know they've received the award. I hope you will visit all their sites as their art is so varied in style. I am sure you will enjoy their art very much.