Monday, September 28, 2009

Dachshund Christmas watercolor art Made in the USA

ART.  I finished the Dachshund Christmas painting. This is watercolor on Arches 140# and is done in a wash and line technique.  This one is 9x12 inches. © V Bridges Hoyt 2009. Click on image to see painting detail.

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Now I will get back to my landscape paintings for the Dallas exhibit as time is slipping away and the oil paintings need more time to dry.

LIFE.  Lately I've been on a kick to buy products made in the USA.  I was so disappointed the last time I bought groceries at Kroger and the only oranges they had were from South Africa. Since I really wanted oranges, I went against my better judgment and bought a few of the South African oranges. The first one cut into was nearly tasteless. The second one cut into had a dead bug inside it, some kind of fly. I threw the remaining two oranges in the trash can and swore never to buy South African oranges again and maybe not to go back to Kroger.

Yesterday I stopped by Target to pick up a few needed grocery items. I had not planned on buying produce but when I got there the produce department looked wonderful. I decided to check the labels on some of the fruit and veggies. To my delight the oranges, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and more were all grown in California. Only the bananas came from elsewhere, Guatamala, as we do not have banana growing climates here. I filled my basket with fresh fruits and vegetables feeling good that I had bought produce from the USA. As I pushed my grocery basket up and down aisles, I made a point to read labels and was so pleased that most of the items I picked up, and all the items I purchased, were made in the USA. Hooray for Target!

I miss my parent's garden with all the home grown vegetables gathered from it. That was good eating.

Today's Blessing: It's a nice September day (only two more in this month) with cooler weather and lower sun angles casting beautiful shadows across God's earth. What a beautiful day!

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  1. Hi Nita! Love your Christmas painting... can't believe it's almost that time again! I loved reading your observations about buying US produce. Funny how we try to do the same over here (buy aussie that is). It makes so much sense to buy produce where it is grown. Also funny how you get South African oranges and we get Californian ones (weeks or months old)... despite having a healthy citrus industry of our own right here under our nose. Something to do with global trade agreements or something. But it does seem rather absurd doesn't it?

  2. Jean, thanks so much for stopping by the blog and for your comment on the Christmas painting. Christmas sure sneaks up on me, and here it is November 10 already when I am posting this today. I agree it is absurd to purchase produce that was grown on the other side of the world when we can grow the same produce right here in our own backyard. I understand purchasing other kinds of products, but not fresh (or unfresh) produce.


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