Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Purple House, oil painting in progress

ART.  In the springtime 2008 I was painting out of my art studio in Old Town Spring. From the front porch, I could see Yvonne Denbina's The Garden of the Dragonfly to my right, Judy Crowe's Mustard Seed Studio directly across the courtyard in front of me, and to the left diagonally across the courtyard I could see the purple house which housed an antique shoppe. I set my easel up on the Texas Sauce Studio porch for plein air painting of the purple house. Before I could finish the painting, one thing and then another came along to delay my progress. I set the painting aside until later ... much later. Today, a year later, my eye fell on the unfinished purple house, and I retrieved the canvas to place it on my easel. My painting focus tonight will be to complete The Purple House. © Vernita Bridges-Hoyt 2009

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LIFE.  Today it rains. We have flash flood warnings all the way from Galveston to Houston to Spring to Conroe, all around the southeast Texas area. Watching the weather channel, I see what looks like rain all over Texas ... all over most of the USA. Whew! Am I glad I ran those errands on Tuesday. Even on a rainy day, the morning passes quickly. I have been up since 6:30 a.m. and thought I had plenty of time for my morning ritual of answering emails, checking the news at Art Helping Animals and blogging, but already the clock reads 9:25 and I'm not done blogging. I must stop soon and get to work. Have a good day, and stay dry!

Today's Blessing:  Fall is upon us with cooler weather in southeast Texas. I am looking for color in the trees. 

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