Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stormy Weather. SMALL ART GIFTS. Jack the Rabbit 8104.

ART.  vbh-8104  |  Jack the Rabbit. 
4x6 inches. Watercolor and ink illustration.
Postcard painting with rounded corners can be mounted on mat board and framed to a larger size. Original painting. 

Most of these small illustrations were painted during the time of Hurricane Ike last year.  Like this bunny, we hunkered down to wait out the storm. The postcard studies are available through the end of December 2009. At that time, they will be reserved for my personal collection.

LIFE.  Zain and I went out to eat Mexican food tonight. We had an out of the way booth around the corner from the crowds of people. This 12 year old grandson of mine is growing up fast. As fast as time travels, soon he will be through the teenage years and out on his own.  When I was in the midst of being a parent, I didn't recognize how short a time my children would be home with me. Now that I'm seeing through the eyes of a grandmother, I wish I had savored those years a little more.

Today's Blessing: Zain held the restaurant door open for me as I entered, and he proudly paid the restaurant check all by himself (with my money).  He is practicing to be a man. 

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