Sunday, November 8, 2009

Locks of Love. SMALL PAINTING GIFTS, Border Collie Studio Dog 9002

ART.  vbh-9002  |  Studio Dog, Border Collie Sleeping.
Postcard painting with rounded corners can be mounted on mat board and framed to 8x10 inches or larger. Original painting. 

LIFE.  Border Collie Brooke has been a bit shaggy over the summer, and I have let my hair grow long.  Friday morning I got my hair trimmed and shaped and although it is still on the long side, it is much more manageable now. Lisa, my hair stylist, told me that she had recently cut her long hair and donated it to Locks of Love. I decided that is something I can do so will let my hair continue to grow with only an occasional trim to keep it healthy. I need a 10-inch ponytail before I can donate, but I am well on the way.

Today's Blessing:  A few months ago, my daughter left a job that had her working at Fort Hood . Had she not left that job, she would have been on the premises during Thursday's tragic shooting and, at the least, would have been involved in the lock-down unable to get home to her child. One decision made a few months ago kept her safe last Thursday. 

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