Saturday, May 1, 2010

Border Collie Best Friend Photos

To read Brooke's blog about her recovery after rescue, click here to read; then click on the right arrow above the Serendipity post.

Border Collie Brooke has proven to be my best friend over the past four years. Brooke is 12+ years old now. She will remain my best friend for the time we have together. 

To read a little about the herding nature and intelligence level of Border Collies, click on the Amazon link at left and then read the sample pages included online  with the book info. If you purchase a book through my blog link, a small referral fee will be sent to Brooke and me. Thanks! Age 13 is said to be the typical maximum age a Border Collie reaches. If true, then Brooke and I have about one more year together. She is aging (as am I), but she takes the years in stride. We finally have control of her allergies (and mine). Click on Serendipity to read about her recovery from all the other health problems that plagued Brooke when she was rescued.