Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sold! Texas Longhorns on the Trail, watercolor painting

ART. In the days of historical cattle trails such as The Chisholm Trail, Texas Longhorns roamed the prairie. Today Longhorns are found in pastures behind barbed wire fences. They come in colors or black and white spots but they are most easily identified by their long, long horns. My watercolor painting below depicts three such Longhorns on the move. When I look at this painting I can hear the cows bellowing and the noise from the rest of the herd as they mosey on down the trail. I can see these three stragglers slowly following the line of cattle ahead. I have a country girl's affinity for cattle.


"Texas Longhorns on the Trail"
watercolor on 7x11 inch Arches 140# paper

Yes, a 7x11 inch painting is an odd size, but watercolors need to be matted before they are framed. This one will mat perfectly to fit a standard-sized 12x16 inch frame. The mat holds the glass up above the painted surface to keep glass from touching paper. This painting at the above price will sell unframed, but the image below shows you how nicely this watercolor will look when matted and framed to 12x16 inches. The painting and frame below are proportionally accurate. If you want to purchase the painting already framed (as below), email me for an estimate of frame + shipping costs.

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