Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunflower Ink

Today's Quote: If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities. --Maya Angelou, poet

Sunflower Ink
4x6 inch postcard size

Daily Painting.

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LIFE.  "You daydream too much!" Mom would say to me when as a child I dawdled at the breakfast table, and then she would rush me to brush my teeth and get outside to catch the school bus. I don't remember exactly what I was dreaming of but probably some fantasy  that took me away from everyday life.

Several weeks ago Martha asked if I had seen the movie Bucket List. No. Then Friday night while sitting in a movie theater watching Michael Douglas in Solitary Man, Joyce turned to me and said, "This is sort of like Bucket List. Did you see Bucket List?" No. So where was I when Bucket List hit the movie theaters?

January 2008. Dad. Texas Sauce Studio. Zain. I missed nearly two years of Riley's childhood. Art Helping Animals. Tried to put my own grief on the sidelines. Back and leg pain. The studio dog. The cat. At least three friends who walked out of my life. Working two businesses. Too tired to find a fantasy to pull me away from real life. That's why I didn't see The Bucket List. I remember now seeing the ads and thinking that I just could not watch a movie about two men who were terminally ill after losing my husband, my mother and nearly my dad in the span of four years, but maybe that movie is just what I needed to see. I will rent the movie on DVD and watch it now. Don't know if I even have a bucket list, but plenty of other people have had one for me. Maybe I've lived my personal bucket list through fantasy. Making art.

The years 2002 - 2010 have been my most prolific artmaking years. All clouds have silver linings.