Friday, August 27, 2010


Today's Quote: if you pursue your passion you will bump into your purpose, but if you look for purpose without passion you will lose them both. --Anonymous (found at The Creative Spirit blog)

A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW  •  mixed media on 24x18 in. canvas
© V. Bridges Hoyt 2010
ART.  This morning I delivered this one last painting to the Gallery for the Saturday opening event.  The model for this painting was my son who is a great guy who always brings a bit of fun to any situation. The 'glasses' were in celebration of his 37th birthday in July. Sean is a really good artist in his own right, and I thank him for being a good sport for letting me paint him with expressive style, and I thank Bria for allowing me the use of her photo for inspiration. When I had this background first laid I didn't know where I wanted to go with it, but then I saw Bria's photographs of Sean on the birthday river rafting trip and knew I had to paint him in the birthday glasses. Sean has always been a "light in the window" of my life.

I have enjoyed painting for this show as I have pulled all the stops and let myself go with the creativity of soul. When I paint commissioned paintings, I am more controlled and detail oriented, typically, and had not given myself the freedom to paint loosely with a palette knife in many years. After painting with the spontaneity of the palette knife, I think you'll be seeing some small changes in future works.  I will be painting more churches, and I will be exploring more freedom in portraits. The Windows of the Soul exhibit has allowed me the freedom to experiment and let the paint fly.

If at all possible, please join me at the exhibition opening on August 28. The Garden of the Dragonfly is filled to the brim with art from fine artists. Every inch of wall space, every nook and cranny, is filled with art of some kind--paintings, sculpture, original art cards, fine handmade jewelry, etc.  Truly there is something for everyone.

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