Thursday, October 7, 2010

Framed Painting A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW mixed media portrait

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A Light in the Window
portrait of the "birthday boy" • mixed media on canvas
© Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2010
ART. I paint from my soul or from the muse, I sometimes call it. A painting must stand on its own. I never paint for a specific wall with a specific location in mind, but the painting "A Light in the Window" just wanted to be on this wall in my house. The wallpaper in the 33 year old (dry) wet bar was looking more than a little dated but still in perfect condition. Maybe the wallpaper has been waiting on this particular painting to hang upon and add a little life to it. The palette knife background of this painting flows right into the wallpaper. I could not have planned that if I had tried. This is one of those times I recycled a canvas. Underneath the portrait is a 35 year old painting of the king of the jungle, an African lion ... rather appropriate for this portrait, I think.

I like the dark walnut wood frame selected for the expressionist portrait of Sean. The frame around this painting wanted to be simple to give the painting center stage.