Friday, March 18, 2011

Oklahoma Museum Exhibit March 10 - April 30, 2011

The best way out is always through. - Robert Frost

Vernita Bridges Hoyt at The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center
ART. I was honored with an invitation to exhibit my art in a western museum in Oklahoma along with six other artists on the Chisholm Trail Art blog. The image below is a composite of the nine paintings (in relative sizes) that I sent to The Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan. If you click on the image above and then click on it a second time, it will enlarge so you can see more detail and read the painting titles. Many of the paintings feature thick textured paint and are best viewed in person. All nine are oil paintings and framed.

If you want more information about a specific painting, please contact me here. Purchases will be made directly through the museum.

LIFE. Thor and I were the only ones to show up for puppy school tonight. Maybe the others stayed home to watch Barach's St. Patty's Day party on TV. It was good for us because we got an hour long private lesson. Thor learned a lot and made up for the time we missed earlier. He really likes those new treats—sweet potato and fish biscuits. Stinky!