Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show Up for Success

"Seventy percent of success in life is showing up." —Woody Allen

ART. This image is a sneak peek at a western painting that I have in progress. This cow will be the focal point with two others in the background. I have used pastel as a quick first layer of local color. More images will come in a few days.

The frequency of my daily painting suffers as I go about life this June. I will make a concerted effort to show up for my daily painting practice. Early morning seems to be the best time; however I must not forget about walking Thor puppy early in the day before the heat becomes unbearable.
Now on eBay Auction!
the Truckers Hat not the Dog 
LIFE.  I have a count of 29,459 photos stored in iPhoto. Yes, they are backed up to an external hard drive! However, I am thinking for a second backup I need to download some of them to DVD. Quite a lot of my photos are of my BIG little boxer pup Thor, pictured above modeling a cap that features one of my illustrations. I will list the grape cap on eBay some time today. So watch for it to show up here alongside my other auctions with a starting bid of only one penny and no reserve. Thor pup has not worn the cap. I  balanced it over his head for the photo shoot, not to his liking. Although Grapeland was known for her peanuts in recent years, originally the East Texas town was named for the wild muscadine grape vines that grew abundantly. It is the grapes I chose to illustrate on the front of the cap, but another design is in my mind for a new cap—another idea that I have little time to implement, as is typical with so many ideas running through my head.

I've set up a new gallery page on my website to show Available Art on one page. No more scrolling through pages and pages of blog posts.
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