Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boxer Dog Art Portrait

"What is art but a way of seeing." —Saul Bellow 

The Graduate. Over the past eight months I have wanted to do a painting of my not-so-little (anymore) boxer puppy Thor. This colored pencil rendering (pendering, I like to call it) of Thor puppy will be for me, however. A few days ago, I decided to start with a sketch in colored pencil. You'll see the initial sketch [#1] near the bottom of the image lineup below.

The Graduate • work-in-progress #2b • colored pencil
Above is a close up of the pencil layering in and around Thor's right eye ... and the overall view below.

The Graduate • work-in-progress #2a • colored pencil
Aside from the composition, I have no specific plan for how I will 'pender' Thor puppy. I am winging it and developing the drawing as the muse comes to me. Stay tuned for my next progress update.

The Graduate • work-in-progress #1 • colored pencil

How to Schedule a Painting of Your Pet. I do accept pet portrait commissions in oil paint, pastel, watercolor or colored pencil. You will find examples of the different media scattered throughout my blog and website portfolio (see left sidebar for links). We may be as close as computer screens but separated by miles, thus meeting your pet is not always possible. I can work easily from a few good photo references after talking with you about your pet. As I work and get to know your pet  through my pencil, brush or palette knife, your portrait comes together. I paint what I see and add your pet's personality into the mix. As I paint or draw, your pet appears ... almost like magic! My portrait of your pet will be as individual as he or she is. Scheduling is easy. Just click here to contact me. If you'd rather talk, please email me and we'll set a time for a phone conference.