Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sailing Home on a Banana Leaf

Art — Banana Leaves
Life — Sailing Home

Banana Leaves

13016sk. Sketchbook Art. Banana Leaves.
Pen and Ink/Pencil Sketch on Raffine Sketchbook Paper 100 lb., 8.5 x 5.25 inches

BANANA LEAVES • work-in-progress

Sailing Home

Every year I write in  a journal that "life goes faster year after year" and I make a list of the things I want to change, do better, or at least do differently, but each year passes quickly. The next year I write another list in my journal ... the same list. I wonder if I ever make progress.

A book by Norman Fischer, Sailing Home, is based on Homer's Odyssey and is written in plain English, today's English.

Sailing Home is a book that reveals us to ourselves.

"Sailing Home breathes fresh air into a classic we thought we knew, revealing its profound guidance for navigating life's pitfalls, perils, and spiritual challenges." —

Kindle version $14.44, and if you're not into Kindle books, the hardback is $19.73. Published in 2008, I would guess it is available in most libraries.

I love this book and go back to it from time to time. A favorite passage from Sailing Home reads, "... as we grow older, we must make a new pact with our youth, our passion, our idealism, and our need to search and question, because if we abandon all that, age's weight will wear us down."

As I sketch and revisit this book, I can't help but think of leaving the list behind me and sailing home on a banana leaf, following only my passion. That sounds as fun as flying on a magic carpet.

As a child, I was reprimanded for daydreaming. Today my daydreams morph into paintings.
V. Bridges Hoyt — painting the sauce of Texas.