Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duck Family Claims Pool


[nodp] A duck flew from behind the fence upward to the top of the tallest pine tree. I won't be surprised if we have a duck family swimming in the backyard pool again this year.

Duck Family in Swimming Pool, June 2012

A white wing dove has found refuge within the bounds of Thor's back yard. There may be a nest tucked away into the section of fence that is double sided. The birds screamed a warning while the boxer boy watched over his backyard domain. I spied a young bird hopping through the grass near the back fence. He appeared to be feasting on ants. 

Thor Boxer was curious about the ducks in the pool last year. I doubt he would hurt the ducks or the birds; however, one can not always predict the ways of Mother Nature. Better to be safe than sorry.



  1. What a lovely photo. I bet Thor would be curious if you get the same again this year!

  2. What fun, Nita. We're watching a wren family feeding their babies right over our back patio door. The kitties lay on the carpet there and the parents scold them. I'm going to be on the alert when they start to fledge and keep the cats inside so the little ones can make the trees. And, we have a pair of hummers who bathe every afternoon in my hose spray...they're too cute...wish I could get a camera shot for you. Good Thor's his playground though.

  3. Birds are so much fun to watch, not to mention how lovely it is listening to their songs.

    We have a mini wildlife refuge in the back yard. A squirrel teases Thor and they play chase. I am amazed at how fearless the squirrel is of Thor. I daily see redbirds, mockingbirds, doves, sparrows, the squirrel, a hawk, and sometimes an eagle flying far overhead.

    Pat, the ducks seem to be making an annual visit to us. I won't be surprised to see ducklings on the water again. It's fun to think of them going for their first swim in the backyard pool.

    Mollie, if you can get a picture of the hummers I would love to see them. I know you have a real wildlife refuge on your acreage.


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