Friday, April 3, 2015

Old Flatbed Truck. Painting with Zain. Country Life.

Old Flatbed Truck: 

Old Flatbed Truck
oil painting 16 x 20 inches
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2007

Painting with Zain: 

On one trip about 10 years ago, my young grandson Zain accompanied me to the farm. The young Zain told me he is not a country boy and reminded me that he was born in the city. Nevertheless, I insisted that Zain ride with me out to the back pasture where I knew there were some good painting subjects. One such subject was the old flatbed truck that had died and been parked there. The landscape had found a way up through the bed of the truck, and a tree grew. Zain was fascinated by the tree growing in the bed of the old truck. I parked the Jeep. Zain and I sat in the back of the Jeep and painted this picture of the tree growing through the old flatbed truck. I offered Zain the paint brush and he painted in the horizon line and some of the sky and foreground. I let him also place brushstrokes of paint on the tree and the truck. By the time we were done painting, it was obvious to me that Zain had a good time in the country that day.

Some paintings are too good to be sold.

The Country Life: 

I sometimes think about all this generation of city kids is missing by not knowing the country life, the slower life without video games, computers and other high tech equipment. The country life has its own type of immediate gratification. All one must do is open eyes and look out across the beautiful landscape, breathe the fresh air, and feel the sunshine. And in the above instance … PAINT!

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