Monday, January 2, 2017

Take the High Road, Clouds, Work in Progress

Sometimes it's a struggle to take the high road, but the high road keeps a person from trudging through the swamp which is filled with alligators and snakes.

I loved the week between Christmas and New Year's for its quiet time, so good for introspection and planning. The weather over Christmas week was just about perfect with a few cumulus clouds floating in a blue sky. Birds were singing and flitting from tree to bush and back again. They seemed to think it springtime. I think they were mockingbirds. Thor Boxer boy was hanging close to me; he knew the mockingbirds might dive bomb him. 

After Christmas I began a new painting for the next DaVinci Gallery showing in Tomball, Texas. I have a start, but the painting is far from finished. I'm hoping I can bring it to completion before the exhibition "Fresh Art" on January 14.

Untitled Work-in-Progress / Early Wash of Local Colors
copyright Vernita Bridges Hoyt 2017

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