Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I wake up with thoughts running through my head. A small portion of them make it into the gratitude journal I keep beside the bed. An even smaller portion ends up on the blog.

Martha's email got me thinking about the different hats I wear. Maybe it started with the Red Hat craze, or maybe it was my dh's reference to his engineering hat, his shipping hat, his quote department hat, his pool cleaner hat, his yard boy hat, etc.

I wear many hats, sometimes more than one at a time, several simultaneously. Sometimes one starts to slip. The one that slips the most is the housekeeper hat. That one falls on the floor quite often.

I want to write. Want to paint. For myself. For the children. For the next generation. However, it is time to put on another hat, one that earns my bread and butter, the architect hat. I guarantee you I will be back to this subject of HATS ... soon.