Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kitchen Sink

I stood at your kitchen sink looking out the window at the cows in the pasture beyond. I watched the sun rise and thought of you standing there so many mornings before. I remembered your teaching me how to cook and how to wash dishes and cautioning me not to get my fingers hung in the mixer blades when you taught me how to make a cake from scratch .... how to sew .... I remembered the fabric Valentine heart you made for me on your sewing machine .... the adobe Indian pueblo you helped me make for geography class .... the dresses you made me, sometimes out of feed sack fabric in lean times .... you were creative beyond your own recognition .... your encouragement that I paint .... make music .... and more. Always supportive. Always understanding. Always forgiving. Mom.
June 8, 1923 - December 29, 2005