Monday, May 21, 2007

Thirty Years

I have been thinking a good deal about life this past week and have not painted much at all. My current work-in-progress is of two Lhasa Apso dogs, the cutest little things you ever did see in their lavendar wraps. You can see the progress images at First Things First. When the work is finished, I'll post the final here.

Life over the past almost 30 years has been lived in this one house. When I selected this house, I never thought I would live here more than five or six years. Thirty years ago I had been looking for a contemporary style and couldn't find one available, so I settled for a traditional English Tudor style which I think over time proved to be the best choice after all. It's amazing to think I could have lived here for 30 years. One place. Thirty years. In my whole lifetime, I've lived in no more than 12 different dwellings. That's a pretty stable record compared to some. I lived all my school years in one town, one school district, changing only when I graduated into junior high/high school. It being a small town, I went from first grade through my senior year with the same 50 classmates. Our class was largest and required two sections since we were the baby boomers.


  1. I envy you those thirty years in a house, Nita. I have lived a nomadic life, bouncing from rentals to rentals, with never enough space around me either inside or out. When I was an infant a nurse looked at my cowlick and told my mother, "he will be a wanderer." She was right, and I'm not sorry, except I do regret that I've never had what I call a "henge" to come home to.

  2. John, you sound like another friend of mine who moved around constantly. Six years was the longest in one place. Six months was more the norm. The one advantage I could see about moving is that it would certainly force one to clear out the clutter on a regular basis.


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