Thursday, June 7, 2007

How old would you be?

Some mornings I read back through my journaling and find quotes of wisdom jotted down and then forgotten.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? --Florence Henderson, after Satchel Paige.

That's such a good question. The answer is, of course, dependent on how one feels on a given day or in a given week. Some days I would be 19 years. Other days much older. If I shut my eyes and really think about it by imagining there are no mirrors or cameras and I can not see a reflection of this old broad, I think I would feel about 36, maybe 39, about to strike off on a new life adventure. What adventure? I know not, but I feel an adventure in the making. Another one.

I improved this postcard painting last night, reworking it by blending the existing colored pencil pigment and adding a little pastel to the sunflowers and vase. Here it is--something new.

Sunflower Too, still life by V. Bridges Hoyt
Sunflower Too, still life - V. Bridges Hoyt, painting by Art Helping Animals

About This Painting:

Mixed Media, watercolor, colored pencil, pastel
Size: 4 in X 6 in (10.2 cm X 15.2 cm)

20% of sale to benefit Tabby's Place Cat Rescue.

Vernita Bridges Hoyt
is a founding member of Art Helping Animals.

For more info, email


  1. Gorgeous sunflowers, Nita! I love the colors you have used. The painting takes me back to my Mon's garden when I was a little girl. People weren't supposd to raise sunflowers around here because the farmers considered them invasive. The state legislature actually declared them "noxious weeds." But Mom secretly planted one loan seed and blamed it on the brds. Miraculously, it grew. And grew, and grew until I thought it might reach all the way to Heaven. Eventually it became so big and so heavy that it fell over making a wonderful feast for all the birds and small critters. Thank you for that wonderfrul memory!

    As for my age if no one really knew, I would say somewhere between 7 and 10. Most of the grownups I knew were unhappy people who didn't seem to have much fun, so I decided at a very young age never to become one. For the most part the inner child is still intact. Unfortunately my body didn't really get the message. But I don't have to worry about ever entering my "srcond childhood" as people used to say -- I never left my first one!

  2. Gosh!!! I love your paintings. How old would I be...right plus...maybe tomorrow 56, ...

    hey dellartist...if you see this..i sure enjoyed reading about your mom's garden and the sunflower seed..

  3. Della ... I love that you have always been a child in your mind. What a true artist you are. Thanks. I'm glad you liked the sunflowers. I am so proud of your mother for standing up and dropping that one sunflower seed. On my one trip to France I was fascinated by the fields and fields of sunflowers being grown as a crop. I could understand the inspiration it must have given Van Gogh, Monet and other artists of their time. My mom grew sunflowers, too. The giant ones in the corner flower bed. The little ones grow wild all along the roadsides and across fields. I can't imagine a state legislature wanting to do away with the wildflowers. Texas celebrates them.

    Sandy ... sometimes I feel like an adult, too. :) It's fun to think about "felt" ages. I think if I didn't have to work a day job, I could be more of a perpetual child myself like Della.


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