Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Million Dollar Baby

I found a million dollar baby

In a five and ten cent store.

The rain continued for an hour.

I hung around for three or four.

Around a million dollar baby

In a five and ten cent store.

The new Clint Eastwood movie "Million Dollar Baby" brings to mind the above lyrics (partial) to an old Bing Crosby song. As a child, I remember my mother singing this song out loud. She had such a pretty voice and when she sang, I would always stop my fun and games to listen. I think from Mom's singing I began to think of myself as a "Million Dollar Baby." Perry Como took a turn at "Baby" somewhere in the twixt. Years later Barbara Streisand would sing the song again in her movie "Funny Lady" ... Streisand didn't just sing, she warbled like a songbird. I think I'll see the movie. The trailers look interesting. It will be fun to read between the lines in Eastwood's interpretation of "Million Dollar Baby."

Painting continues but yesterday I failed to get any progress images. I fixed the digital camera. I just had to knock it upside the head a couple of times, and for the time being, it seems to be on good behavior. Makes me wish the rest of life could be adjusted so easily. The past couple of weeks have been stress filled and very busy, but the muse returns. Again, I paint ... and life goes on with or without the "Million Dollar Baby."