Monday, March 9, 2009

Daffodil, final version

© V. Bridges-Hoyt 2009

I got back to the daffodil colored pencil study finally, and you see the completed version above. Finished. This is 5x5 inches, colored pencil and ink on acid free, Mi Teintes gray toned paper. This one was a joy to do. Yellow is such a happy color!

I thought I might finish the daffodil this morning. Not!

With colored pencil work, the layering of detail is slower. Actually, that is true of any medium, but pencil seems to take even longer. I think you can see the work I've done on the left hand side background, and I've added a little more yellow to the top two petals. More to come in a day or two.

Note to cousin: I'm glad to know you love daffodils! Do you have them growing around your house? They are blooming big time at the farm. Now when I want to send you flowers, I'll know what to send. :)

Daffodil work-in-progress #1:

I am drawn to light, sunny colors now. Last night I began another small colored pencil 'pendering' of a daffodil. This is where I left it. I'll continue to build up color on the flower blossom as well as in the background. I haven't yet thought about a title for this piece. It may become something generic such as Daffodil #1 unless someone else has a better suggestion.

© 2009 Vernita Bridges-Hoyt

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  1. Nita, I love these daffodils. Last week I took several shots of these yellow ladies on my neighbor's fence row. Am planning on painting them...maybe. Yours are beautiful. Your colors are really very soft...just like the daffodils.

  2. Thanks, Mollie! I thought I would finish this before springtime, but we are expecting 85 deg. temps here today. How hot is it up your way?

    By the way, I expect my cousin may read this and wonder her mother posted to my blog. Ha!

  3. Oh Nita...I just realized that she has my name and that's what you were talking about. DUHHHHHHH!!!!


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