Sunday, May 3, 2009

In memory of Karen

LIFE. A childhood and lifelong friend, Karen Bartee Bridges, died as the result of a senseless car accident last week. Close to home and on a country blacktop road, another vehicle came over a hill and around a curve on the wrong side of the road. Karen was a strong woman and did a lot of good in the small town of Grapeland as the school counselor and friend of many. Her death has effected me in ways I could not have predicted bringing back so many memories of life as a child, a teenager, a young adult, and memories of other life losses. As children, we argued ... we fought ... we loved. We truly were sisters growing up. When we were teens, she gave unsolicited advice and I gave unsolicited advice. Our families were friends. She was an only child, and I was the only girl sandwiched in between two brothers. Sisterhood came naturally. After college, Karen came back to our hometown, married and raised her family in our hometown community where there is a large and wonderful extended family. We laughed that she had married a man with my family name. Somehow, although time has a way of taking people on different paths, we were forever linked. I followed my husband to the big city and raised my children in a suburban environment. Our paths parted until I attended some event back home-- a wedding, a funeral, the annual Peanut Festival, a random meeting at the post office-- but always, we fell right back into the friendship. After my husband's death in 2001, Karen was one of the first to call and offer her support. My heart goes out to Karen's mother, her husband, children and grandchildren. I know God has a plan ... but I very seldom understand it.

Today's Blessing: Faith.

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