Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cows and Wisdom

Today's Blessing:  There are still 
EIGHT more Shopping Days til Christmas!

I have time.

photo copyright V. Bridges Hoyt 2009

ART.  No new art to show today, but I have been painting. Cows.

Okay, Cuz [you know who you are], you get tired of seeing animals, but I'm getting back to my roots on the farm. I did show a still life or two recently [something different] just for you. Wisdom says that an artist must paint what she knows ... and I do find I am most productive when I paint what I am familiar with. That's another reason I like to paint from my own reference photos or from life. Getting back to the easel now. I only have 45 minutes left to paint this morning before I take off the artist's beret and put on the hard hat and get back to the other [more lucrative] job.

LIFE.   I've reached a time in my life when I seek wisdom--not just counsel, but wisdom. Today I opened the Book of Proverbs. I hope to find some answers for myself.
A proverb is a general principle that, if followed, applies to most people in most situations. ...Summary of Proverbs, New Living Translation, Touchpoint Bible.
This will be a book to study. Proverbs has 31 chapters, coincidentally relating to the 31 days coming up in January. Each chapter has an equal number of verses, plus or minus, totaling approximately 300 verses. The thought of studying a chapter a day is overwhelming, so I have decided to break my study down verse by verse, day by day, to seek the wisdom of Solomon. Maybe I'll absorb a little wisdom that applies to my own life.

Date of Key Events in Book: Most of these sayings were probably collected during Solomon's reign, between 970 and 950 B.C. During this time elsewhere in the world, Greece was at the height of its classic paganism, India was dominated by pantheistic religion, and China was debating the rational philosophy set forth by the Chou dynasty. All of these were in sharp contrast to God's divine wisdom presented in the book of Proverbs.
I have always been turned off by people who preach to others under the guise of witnessing, almost as though they are "holier than thou." Why preach to the choir of believers? The best witnessing is done by the way a person lives life. I won't preach, but I will be blogging my thoughts as I find proverbs that speak to me, so follow along if you wish ... or don't.  This is where I am today ... looking for a way to better my life.

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  1. Love this painting, Nita! I love the way you have captured the individuality of the cows. Only those of us raised around cattle know that each has its own personality. We had cows on the farm while I was growing up. They were mostly milk cows and we didn't have many, but we knew each one by name. They were a permanent fixture on the farm for years, and I really missed them when Dad decided the milk business was no longer lucrative for a small farmer and gave them up. Your painting took me back to those days.

  2. Thanks, Della, but I can't take credit for this cattle herd as a painting. It's a photograph. I did take the photo at the farm. I appreciate what you say about growing up on a farm. It's something most kids today will never experience when it used to be so commonplace. Big corporate farms have certainly put the small independent farmer out of business. The world has changed and continues to do so daily, maybe not always for the best.


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