Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dream House, Nightmare Haunted House, Large Impasto oil painting.

ART.  I suppose the movie Psycho stuck in my memory for a number of years. About 25 years ago I painted this house right out of a dream (nightmare) I dreamed. Years after I painted it, I realized how much it looked like the Psycho house. I've kept this in my personal collection all these years. I'm ready to let it go. If anyone wants to own this one, please email and make an offer. Otherwise, I'll keep it around to remind me how good my life is today. I no longer have dreams about the Psycho house.

Dream House, artist V. Bridges-Hoyt, 24 x 18 inches, oil on canvas.

Way back then, I was stretching my own canvas and typically used linen as the painting support. The painting is impasto oil, some of it painted with palette knife, some of it painted with a brush. There is much texture in the foreground as the steps come closer to the viewer. Perfectly dry, this one is ready to ship. This is the only digital image I have, but if you're interested I am happy to email a larger detail of the painting to you.

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  1. Well you know Nita that offering this wonderful prize will surely bring in the people!!! Your work is so wonderful who can resist!!! Oh I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  2. Hey, I'll even drive down to pick up a rather wet canvas. Don't remember seeing this painting on the blog, Nita. Is it new. I love the nighttime setting and perspective.

  3. Thanks to all three of you! Mollie, this is a very old painting from 1986. I haven't painted in the last week. Been gone most of it, but I expect to post new work in a day or two.

  4. I REALLY like this painting. It's kinda goth with just a touch of whimsy, just a touch, like a pinch. I would definately put art like that up on my walls. Love the colors

  5. Dear Anonymous! Thanks for the great compliment. I'm glad you like this painting. If I had your name, it would definitely go into the FREE gift drawing. Alas! I know not which Anonymous poster you are.


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