Monday, November 22, 2010

Puppy Love

Thor, the 8 week old Boxer pup,

My grandson Zain holding Thor
LIFE. I sometimes wonder how my life became busier as I grew older instead of becoming slower. I hear friends say they are so bored and have nothing to do. Honestly, I can't imagine that at all. I always have a list that won't wait. I will never be bored with life. I made a conscious decision to keep working rather than retire just yet. Business income has been good in some years and next to nothing in others, but the joys of working for oneself make all worthwhile. I would love it if I could make a full-time profession of art and would do that if I wanted less than a full-time income, but I like to pay my bills on time and in full. When the pendulum swings and the business projects cease to come in, then I will spend more time in the studio and produce more painting inventory. In the meantime, my limited studio time is for painting commissioned works only.

Thor, 8 week old Boxer pup
and 2-liter size Dr. Pepper bottle
Although I am never without anything to do, I do need to add a little fun to my life. Last Thursday, one thing I did to spice up my life is get a new puppy, a little Boxer who is a mini-me of an adult Boxer. If you did not see Thor (his name after the Norse God of Thunder) next to an everyday object, you would think he is a lot bigger than he is. Here is Thor next to a two liter bottle of Dr. Pepper—for scale. Why do I get a puppy, you ask? Well, Border Collie Brooke is growing older and I don't want to be without a dog. Dogs are long term companions—much more loyal than some people—and protective. Puppy love is unconditional. Be kind to your dogs.